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Here at the Muslim Name Database, we have thousands of Muslim baby names for both male and female Muslim children. Each name has a full meaning to help new Muslim parents decide what they want their childs name to mean. Each day thousands of Muslim babies are born, now the naming of the new children is made much easier with the Muslim Name Database. There will be no more arguements of what to call Muslim babies, Muslim Name Database is the definitive source for finding a name for your Muslim child!

Random Muslim Names

Name Gender Meaning
Jasmina Female Flower.
Farhana Female Happiness.
Meher Female Benevolence.
Daneen Female Princess.
Mehriban Female Kind, Gentle.
Ishfaq Female Compassion, affection
Shuruq Female Rising, shining
Atifa Female Affectionate, sympathetic.
Shabnam Female Dew.
Mahbub Male Beloved, dear